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History and Small Arms of a World at War

The World has been almost in constant conflict since the beginning of time.  Animal against animal and then man against man in the struggle to maintain our existence.  Power, money, ethnic differences and Religion have lead to some of the bloodiest wars imaginable and as long as man is on the earth this will not likely change.  Men have killed one another with rocks, stone and wood weapons, knives and spears of metal advancing to the black powder guns and then to smokeless powder guns, atomic weapons and now it is the laser.  Certain power factions have tried to take away our guns but if they prevail it will do no good as we will still have the weapons we started out with hundreds of years ago and the knowledge and ability to build more of the ones we have now.  If man wants to kill man it will happen no matter what and nothing will change that unless we manage to some how evolve into a different higher form of life. One that no longer has the want for power and money, and no longer has ethnic and religious differences.  

"Only the dead have seen the end of War" - Plato

Today we are sitting on the brink of another kind of war.  One that emanates from within our own government.  The Democrat party has been taken over by radical left wingers financed by George Sorros with the intent of destroying our form of life, our constitution, to form a one world order.  In his own  words he says the United States is the only thing standing in the way and he is now out to remedy that.  He will do this by using his puppets in Congress to bankrupt us, which is well  under way.  When this happens the world markets will collapse plunging the world into total kayos forcing the one world order he so desperately dreams of.  There will never be a United States again but one big country with no borders and socialist leaders which could turn to a dictatorship very easily.  Think about it!  Is this what you want?  Your freedom taken away?  Part of the world has opened their eyes to this but the die hard democrats out there still think the democrat party is the party they have always voted for.  Wrong! 

The scope of this web site has changed over the years to not only to cover the carbines & pistols that I collect, but to cover the Small Arms that were used by many European and Asian countries from the period 1878 to the present. 



Guns Wanted 

Albania Arms 1910-1979 new 
Arisaka Carbines and Rifles 
Austro-Hungarian M95 
Austro-Hungarian Pistols 1870 to 1945 
Bolivia 1900-1990 
Breech Loading Rifles of Mexico 
Carcano Carbine 
Cartridge Identification 
Chile 1890 to 1990 
China 1880-1950 
Commission 1888 
Costa Rica 1898 - 1998 
Czech Rifles 1919-1958 
Czech Pistols
Danish Bergman Bayard M1910 & M1910/21 
Destroyer Carbine 
Dutch Mannlicher M95 
Feed Devices for Firearms 
French Auto Pistols 
French Military Rifles 1886-1956 
German Rifles 
Greece 1876-1976 
Israel 1948-1980 
Italian Semi Auto Pistols 
Japanese Knee Mortar
Japanese Nambu 
Japanese Pedersen Semi Auto Rifles & Carbines 
Japanese Rocket Launcher new 
Japanese Signal (Flare) Pistols 
Mauser Carbine 
Mauser History 
Mauser Rifles of the Gran Chaco War 
Mauser Rifles of Peru 
Military Self Loading Rifles (SLR) 1908 - 1958 
Military Semi Auto Pistols of the World 
Montenegro 1878 -1948 new 
Mosin Nagant Carbine 
Mosin Nagant History 
Polish Arms 1918-1962 
Portugal 1880 - 1980 
Reissued Rifles of "The East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" 
Rifles of the Argentine Navy "La Armada Argentina", Argentine Marine Corps    "Commandos de Infrantria de Marina" 1950-1980 
Rifle Slings of the World 
Romania 1878 - 1948 
Serbia and Yugoslavia 
SKS Carbine 
Spanish Blue Steel- Astra
Spanish Blue Steel- Campo Giro
Spanish Blue Steel - Llama
Spanish Blue Steel- Ruby
Spanish Blue Steel- Star 
Spanish Civil War
The Rifles of Spain " The Silent War " 1939-1952
Turkey 1914 to 1915 
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