The gun being in 6.5 makes it a 91. The fixed rear sight and sling swivels only
on the bottom and the date of 1938 and after make it a 38 in the TS form with
stock almost to front of barrel and removable bayonet.  Thus it is a 91/38TS

   Cal 6.5 FNA Brescia  42 XX- XX being 20 years after Musolini came to power
Mas - Lebel sling


Fixed rear sight

Bayonet that would have been used on all but the earliest TS carbines
Made by TERNI


The same bayonet shown with frog


Another style of scabbard, this one of leather with steel fittings

The same style of scabbard made with brass fittings.  This frog is in green leather but is different than others that I have in that the stitching on the belt loop is in a rectangle rather than an oval.