Czech VZ 52 Carbine

Weight:           9.8 lbs
OAL:               39.37
Barrel:            20.66
Front Sight:     Hooded Blade
Rear Sight:      Notched Tangent
Capacity:         10 Round detachable double stack magazine
Gas System:     Similar to the German MKb 42W
Trigger Group: Similar to the M1 Rifle
Bolt:                Tripping bolt with front locking lugs
Bayonet:           Folding
Caliber:           7.62X45 VZ52 or 7.62X39 - VZ52/57





VZ 52 SHE code manufactured in 56
Photos courtesy of ALSKY

VZ 52/57 SHE code

VZ52/57, 762x39mm, with sniper night scope
I think this was used by Yugoslavia

power pack for night scope

Scope mount

Photos of VZ52/57 sniper were sent in by Bob Hanes and are the copyrighted property of
Gene Whitehead. Not to be  used without his permission.

Copyright 2002 Dan Reynolds - RK Smith