FN 49
Slings are 1" wide and 41 to 46 inches long. If you notice the buckle
in the picture, it looks bent in the middle.  It is, because of the weight
of the rifle, but it is supposed to be straight.  Button is brass.


FN 24 - 7/8" wide steel buckle in the same fashion as the 49.  I cannot at this time tell you the length as this one has been cut down and one hole moved.  The FN 24 intermediate actions rifles were sent to Yugoslavia and were eventually converted to M24/47 along with the Yugo manufactured M24's .  I have shown this sling on one of my 24/47's  (below ) that was a converted FN using the original stock and sling hardware, narrow swivel loops, just large enough for the 7/8" sling.

Walnut stock with wrist sling swivel hole filled and Bukovina handguard