The firms listed below are some of the companies that produced guns along with the gun name they produced.  The names on some of these guns could be for revolvers as I have not identified every one to my satisfaction and there are names that belong only to 6.35 guns as well. The names can also belong to more than one gun and most of the time do.

A.A. - Tradename of Azanza y Arrizabalaga.
A.A.A. - Abbreviation and trade name used by A. Aldazabal of Eibar, Spain
Acha- Acha Hermanos Y Cia of Ermua
AERO-Manufactura de Armas de Fuego
AH and AR - Acha Hermanos , Eibar or Ermunda, Spain
ACTION Trade name of Modesto Santos of Eibar, Spain on pistols.
ALDAZABAL Trade name of Aldazabal Leturinodo Y Cia of Eibar, Spain, AL code
ALKAR Tradename of Alkartasuna Fab. de Armas
Alkartasuna Fabrica de Armas, A.A. Guernica, Spain, c.1917-22. Manufactured under license from Gabilondo y Cia. the Ruby type pistol, which was used as a secondary French military arm. Brand name was Alkar.  Also used by Italy.
ALLIES Tradename of Berasaluze Areitio-Arutena y Cia., Eibar, Spain, c.1920 on pistols. code BA
ALLIES Tradename used by Domingo Acha.
ALPHA- ALFA-Armero Espacialitas Reunidos, Eibar Spain
APACHE Tradename of Ojanguren y Vidosa, Eibar, Spain, on pistols.
Apaololzo Hermanos
ARIOLA- Ariola Hermanos, Eibar, Spain
ARIZAGA Tradename of Gaspar Arizaga of Eibar, Spain on pistols, c.1920.
Arizmendi y Goenaga From 1886 to 1914 in Eibar, Spain.  code AG
Arizmendi, Francisco From 1886 to 1914 in Eibar, Spain. 
Francisco Arizmendi. The earlier company was best known for their revolvers, while after 1914 the emphasis was changed to pistols, and they were produced under many trade names.
Arrizabalaga, Hijos de Calixto Pistol makers in Eibar, Spain, c. 1915.
Ascaso, Francisco Military pistol maker in Tarassa, Spain, c. 1937.
ASTRA Tradename of Astra-Unceta y Cia. S.A. The firm made contract military arms, and a variety of arms for the commercial market.
ATLAS Tradename of Domingo Acha, Ermua, Spain, c.1920.   .25 cal
ATLAS Tradename of Tomas de Urizar y Cia.
AVION Tradename of Bartra y Azpiri, Eibar, Spain, c.1915.  6.35 caliber.
AZUL-Arostegui Eulogio, Eibar,Spain
BASQUE-Tradename of Echave y Arizmendi, Eibar, Spain.
B.C. Tradename of Victor Bernedo y Cia.
B.H. Tradename of Beistegui Hermanos.
BOIX Unceta made for others
BOLTON Tradename of Francisco Arizmendi.
Bolumburu, Gregorio Pistol maker in Eibar, Spain, c.1920.
BOLTUN- Francisco Arizmendi
BRISTOL Tradename of Gregorio Bolumburu.
BRONCHO Tradename of A. Errasti.
BRONCO Tradename of Echave y Arizmendi, Eibar, Spain.
BRUNSWIG Tradename of Esperanza y Unceta (Astra).
BUFALO Tradename of Gabilondo y Cia. on pistols sold to Berestain y Cia as a private label gun.
BULWARK Tradename of Beistegui Hermanos
BUSCULANT- Aguirre y Cia, Eibar Spain
CADIX-Astra-Unceta y Cia. S.A.
CAMINAL Unceta made for others
CAMPEON- Hijos de C Arrizabalaga, Eibar, Spain
CAMPER-Astra-Unceta y Cia. S.A.
CANTABRIA Tradename of Garate Hermanos on handguns.
CA-SI  Fab. d'Armes de Guerre de Grande Precision
CEBRA Tradename of Arizmendi, Zulaika y Cia. of Eibar, Spain on pistols.
CELTA Tradename used by Tomas de Urizar y Cia. of Eibar, Spain, c.1935.
CESAR J. Tradename of Tomas de Urizar y Cia.
CHAMPION  Tradename on pistols from Hijos de Calixto Arrizabalaga, Eibar, Spain,
COBRA  Arizmendi, Zulacia y Cia, Eibar
COLON Tradename of Antonio Azpiri, Eibar, Spain, c.1914-18. 6.35 caliber.
COLONIAL  made by Errasti y Cia for Fab. d'Armes de Guerre de Grande Precision
CONTINENTAL Tradename used by Tomas de Urizar y Cia. on pistols (Spain).
CORLA Tradename of Fab. de Armas Zaragoza.
CORRIENTES Tradename of Modesto Santos.
COWBOY 6.35 maker unknown
CRUCERO Trade name used by Ojanguran y Vidosa
DANTON-Tradename of Gabilondo y Cia
DEFENDER Trademark on pistols used by Javier Echaniz.  code JE
DEK-DU Tradenameused by Tomas de Urizar y Cia., Eibar, Spain, c. 1910.
DeLUXE Tradename of Gregorio Bolumburu.
DEMON Manufactura de Armas Demon, Eibar.
DESTROYER  tradename found on guns made by Isidro Gaztanaga of Spain c.1914-33, and by Gaztanaga, Trocaola y Ibarzabal, c.1933-36. code IG
DESTRUCTOR Tradename of Retolaza Hermanos on pistols.
DESTRUCTOR Tradename on pistols made by Iraola Salaverria of Eibar, Spain.
DEWARF Unceta copy of the Victoria for private label
DOUGLAS  Tradename of Lasagabaster Hermanos code LH
DREADNOUGHT-Antonio Errasti y Cia
DURANGO Fabrica de Armas Durango, Durango Spain
Echave y Arizmendi of Eibar, Spain,
E. A. Abbreviation for Eulogio Arostegui, Eibar, Spain, c.1930.
ECHASA Tradename of Echave Arizmendi y Cia. on pistols.
ECHEVERRIA Tradename of Hijos de A. Echiverria, Eibar
EL CANO-Arana y Cia of Eibar, Spain
EL CID Tradename of Casmiro Santos on pistols.
ELITE - .25 caliber, no maker name.
EL PERRO Tradename of Lascurarin y Olasolo of Eibar, Spain on pistols.
ERRASTI-Antonio Errasti
ESCODIN- Manuel Escodin, Eibar, Spain
ESPECIAL Tradename of Hijos de C. Arrizabalaga on pistols.
ESPERANZA Y UNCETA ASTRA Tradename of Astra-Unceta y Cia. S.A. The company was formed under the name of Pedro Unceta y Juan Esperanza in 1908 in Eibar, Spain. In 1913 the company moved to Guernica, Spain, and sometime between then and 1926 the name was reversed to Esperanza y Unceta. In 1926 the name was changed to Unceta y Cia., and in 1953 was changed to Astra-Uncetay Cia. The firm makes contract military arms, and a variety of arms for the commercial market.
ESTRELLA Tradename of Bonifacio Echeverria on pistols.
ETNA Tradename of Santigo Salaberrin of Ermua, Spain on pistols.
Etxezarraga y Abaitua Pistol manufacturers in Eibar, Spain, c. 1925.
EXCELSIOR  6.35 only manufacturer unknown
EXPRESS Tradename on guns sold by Garate Anitua y Cia, Eibar, Spain

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