Mosin Nagant Rifle
These slings are canvas not web, stamped brass buckle
leather on the dog collar is finished better than the Russian version

Mosin Nagant Carbine

Bulgarian AK or universal without the D ring

I have seen this one listed as a CETME sling, but they are "Bulgarian."  The newer slings like this are marked on the back side with a Bulgarian Manufacturing code like the one below, also found on their AK Bayonets.  Ed has seen them marked with the date as far back as 1955.  My personal sling, which Ed gave me, is not marked in any way. Small Arms of the World by Smith and Smith updated in 1969 has this sling listed as an AK. There is a similar sling in grey green that was used on the CETME A model as per information received from our colleague on Portugal and Spain.
above photos provided by Edward Grandle

Manufacturing code

I am not sure if these were for the M95/24 or the M95
1 1/8" wide X 51" overall

Wire has a twist in it which is common


Cyrillic marking on the back of one of my slings dated 1940
Cyrillic translation is INTEND

This sling is riveted on the hook end with single wire these hooks were also
sewn on.  This sling is very similar to the slings used on Civil War carbines
and muskets except that the Civil War hooks were brass and sewn on.

photos by Ed Grandle from his collection

This sling is 48 1/2" long and 1 3/8" wide, but I do not
know what it was used on.  It is regular web instead of canvas.
I am told that it is possibly Austrian for the M95, but I have doubts

This sling is similar to the one below 42" in length but is only 1" wide and
has a leather standing loop rather than canvas

This sling has the twisted wire hook just as the first sling
42" long 1 1/4" wide

This sling has no eyelets, only punched holes and the wire hook is not twisted as in the others
As far as I can tell at this time this is a post WWII  sling

The sling above shown on my Bulgarian M95/24
The M95 and M95/24 were used until the 70's for civilian training purposes