Early sling for the Type 53 Mosin Nagant.  Dog collars have two different
buckles, but are both black leather of the same type.


This sling is made in the same manner as the one above, but
the dog collars are not long enough for a Type 53 and the
buckles are different.   It is also 1/8" less in width and
a different weave.


This type of sling was used on AK's issued to the Iraqi troops during Desert Storm
and carried the tags below



Another style of SKS or AK with painted metal buckle and loops
This sling was also made with galvanized hardware

SKS or AK type sling with larger buckle that the
tab end will fit through using only one leather tab

 This sling was made for the Mausers and Arisakas
used during the Korean War.  1 1/8" wide X 53" long


Chinese Mauser k98k copy shown with sling above

Another sling taken from a shipment of Chinese Mausers
Hand sewn directly on sling loops

This sling is based on the SKS sling.  I think for the PPSH
or AK.  Belts do not resemble other Chinese AK ties.

This sling is blue green and is similar to the SKS
sling but has a different buckle.  It is wider and
made of a cotton and synthetic blend as well as a
different weave.