Early model 38 with only one barrel band and longer handguard


Fucile Corto  Model 38  7.35mm  SA marked
RE Terni  1939  XVII

Correct SA marked sling

Bayonet lug

Fixed blade bayonet with smooth scabbard and frog of unknown origin
any one of the bayonets is correct in any of the scabbards and there is
one more style that I do not have shown, it is fluted.

Folding blade with Facist scabbard

Two folding bayonets from different makers

Fixed Folding with smooth scabbard and Royal frog
The blade on this bayonet has taken on a red tint patina

1st style of folding bayonet
The blade on this bayonet also has the red patina this is
caused by a reaction of rust blue to tempered metal and age