VZ 24 Short Rifle sling Reproduction

Mauser Rifles of the World shows this sling on a Uruguayan VZ24/37 from the Noel Schott collection.  It also shows that the sling used on the Czech M95 or Steyr M95  was used on the Uruguayan VZ24/37 carbine.  China received some of these contract rifles.  They were captured and used by Japan and recaptured by China at the end of the War.  The Chinese reissued them to their troops.  These rifles bear the prefix P on the serial number and are dated 1937.

Second style of  sling used on the VZ24

Czech M95 or VZ24

Tongue has been replaced on this sling as this is not the way they were made

Tongue repair from the back

This is the proper tongue

This sling has been modified I think to be used on a Mosin Nagant with
two dog collars.  It is marked on the back with 28, an I, and a rectangle
with the #8 in it and two others I cannot make out.  This sling did not use
the standing loop on the end, but used a removable metal buckle, such as
the one shown on the reproduction above.

Here is another one that has been modified, to fit what, I do not know.
Maybe a PPSH as both tongues have been narrowed to about the right width.
The long tongue would be tied with a thong through two sets of holes.
Note the difference in the buckle


Sling shown on VZ52 in 7.62X45