Mat 49 SMG

1886/93 Lebel & Berthier Rifle with brass buckle
41 3/4" OAL


 1886/93R35 Lebel & Berthier Carbine
Black with pebble finish
36 1/2" OAL

painted steel buckle

Steel button

Brass button

Aluminum button

Another steel button made just like the Brass and aluminum

M1907/15 Mannlicher Berthier Rifle W/reduced
width button end

This sling is a puzzle to me as it has the tongue of a Mas sling
the brass buckle of an early Lebel, it is brown and 3" longer than the
standard Mas sling

The button is steel like the lebel and is larger than the Mas button

Upper picture is dark but in this one you can see that the sling is brown


Mas36 - 36/51 - 49
I have this sling in two lengths
42 3/4" and 45 3/4" OAL
I do not know what the longer one is for

M49-56 used during the wars in Indo-China

larger pic

Mas 36
color on this sling is actually different than the one above

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