First type Carcano Sling

Sling is marked 800TT, Napoli, 1916, 52 1/2 inches long 1 3/16 inches wide.  All of my Carcano slings have the unusual hole slots for the button and I think it was done to act as a "rip stop."  This sling was also on the M95 Steyr rifles furnished by the Italians for indigenous  Colonial Troops (Dubats).  Note buttons are steel.

Very different button holes - this is the type of hole pattern on all Carcano slings

M1891 TS carbine shown with wide sling

Colonial  Carcano
Note the color of this sling, this not oil, this is the color of the leather.
Again buttons are steel. This type of sling was made from about 1915 to WWII
note sewn and riveted.

Later version without rivets. Sling of this type sent to Finland with
the M38 Short Rifle in 7.35mm marked SA

M38 short rifle SA marked shown with SA marked sling
Gun shown on a pre Fascist Flag that has seen much wear
steel button

SA mark on sling above

Copy of the K98 sling for use on the Carcano WWII. Slings with stitching
were made during the later war years when brass was needed for bullet
cases. Steel button though not shown.

Riveted type made during the early years with brass
I have also seen a few with steel rivets as with this one

M38 Short Rifle 7.35mm, not SA marked, shown with sewn type sling

Web sling used in North Africa
Steel button - no rip stop hole


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