Austro-Hungarian M95

Sling on this gun was made by Steyr for their Mausers
Austrian with Stutzen stock and carbine rear sling swivel


Correct bayonet for this gun marked with the Austrian Eagle and CEWG

Czech M95 with carbine stock, this type of carbine was used by the Russian Navy

Marking on the receiver of  Czech model

Rear sight on carbine or Stutzen model

M95 Stutzen used by the Austrian Navy with two sets of sling attachment points
shown with a Bulgarian M95 leather sling


Grain in this stock is different than anything I have seen before.
Looks like Ash

Note the difference in the blood groove on the two bayos
this one is marked with the Hungarian crest

This is an Austrian bayonet that originally was an NCO bayonet that had the
quillion removed, note hole for lanyard loop


This is a Hungarian bayo that was a Czech capture

Czech markings S lion 5 and is dated 18 for 1918 FGGY


NCO bayonet

Austrian NCO