Unknown sling that I purchased out of Germany

This sling came to me in a bunch of Yugo M48 and M24 slings
but our Yugo expert Michael Kreca can't identify it. Works
perfect on a Carcano carbine but I suspect it has something
to do with the M95 Steyr as it resembles the Austrian sling.
possibly for use on the Yugo M95M as the button for this
sling was definitely Yugoslav.

Do not have a clue as to what it fits.  Appears to be for a machine gun of some sort.

Believe this to be a commercial sling not Military

42 1/2 inches long 1 1/8 inches wide

I do not think this is military 3/4 '' wide 47 " long

This looks similar to a Czech sling for contract rifles.  I also have
a bayonet frog with this pattern on it.  While this looks German
the pattern is more like scales on a snake

Very similar to the FN 49 sling but with steel hardware
This is possibly Italian for the M38A SMG post war

I think this one is Steyr as the buckle looks like the one for
the Portuguese 1904.  Uses a tie like the leather Enfield sling

I am sure this one is commercial as the metal is plated

Leather sling painted white, made like the Enfield sling
except it is 1 1/2" wide.  Suspect this is Persian



Cast steel buckle

Nickel plated buckle


Cast brass buckle, very porous